Wild Castle
Wild Castle
Tower Defense, Strategy, Arcade

Wild Castle

Defend your castle and grow your empire!

An addicting casual defense game with tower defense (TD) and epic heroes (RPG). It is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack. Grow your castle, archers, and heroes to kill more enemies and earn more gold, clear up to a higher level wave, and check out your real-time global rankings. Gear up and grow your own castle!

About the Game

New addicting casual tower defense game in 2021 with tower defense (TD) and epic heroes (RPG). Gear up and plan your defenses!

Collect and level up over 60 heroes! Combine their unique skills to perfect your strategy.

Use Auto-battle to earn rewards while relaxing!

Play with people around the world and compete on the global leaderboard!

Wild CastleWild CastleWild CastleWild CastleWild Castle
Wild Castle

Wild Castle


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